26 - 30 January 2015, Warsaw, Poland

Take advantage of this learning opportunity to deepen your knowledge on Open Space Technology (OST), large group facilitation and training technique. Reflect on ways of applying OST in different countries, situations and fields. A chance to advance in your facilitation skills, an opportunity to learn with peers and colleagues from all over Europe how to design, prepare and follow-up on Open Space events and work on logistical aspects. Please join us.

Open Space is not only a tool, it's a different way of approaching group facilitation, leadership, team management and change. Our training is a playground for new ideas and projects. A way to learn and practice "how to get more doing less", to develop insights on new ways of approaching organisational transformation, training and personal development activities. A unique opportunity to deep dive into the Open Space approach, reflect on new ways of promoting change and learning, sharing your insights, skills, practices and experiences with a bunch of other interested and interesting people.

Practice, practice, practice. Be aware that this will not be an usual by the book training. Most of your learning will be based on practicing, discussing and reflecting with other participants. You will attend a real open space with all its different phases (including action planning), you will practice different ways of setting the space, facilitate the opening and closure and prepare the book of proceedings. You will design and open your own Open Space event, you will share with colleagues your insights and learnings.

The training will start monday January 26th in afternoon and end on friday January 30 around lunch time.

Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology is a simple way to run productive meetings, for five to 2000+ people, and a powerful way to lead any kind of organization, in everyday practice and extraordinary change. It's a tool for inviting groups, communities, organisations, to work on what they really care and take responsibility of what they want to achieve. As a technique and an approach it is particularly useful if:

  • a group is dealing with complex issues and challenges, where no single person knows the answer and it needs the involvement of everybody and their perspectives to solve the challenge. And later, where it also needs everybody to implement the solution, transfer it to real life and turn into action (COMPLEXITY);

  • you are dealing with a truly diverse group, a group with a shared issue, but very different needs - sometimes even seemingly incompatible, where listening and understanding might be a challenge (DIVERSITY);

  • the chances of people engaging in a conflict while trying to arrive at a common solution are high. If diverging from being collaborative and solution oriented into power struggles is a real risk (CONFLICT);

  • an answer should be found today or preferably yesterday, otherwise things will turn for the worse (URGENCY);

  • "...Open Space Technology is not about having great meetings. Nor is it simply another tool in the facilitators tool box, although both are doubtless true. For me the true equity I find in OST is the ongoing natural experiment and learning experience of living intentionally in a self-organizing world." (Harrison Owen, 2009)

    Who can participate?

    This training has been specially designed for managers and leaders of innovative companies and organisations, facilitators, trainers, consultants, people involved in business meetings, community builders and social innovators that want to learn more about this wonderful group working technique. Our invitation it's for you if:

  • You have heard of Open Space Technology from somebody and read a thing or two, but you have not had a chance yet to participate or facilitate it, still you believe this could be something worthwhile for you and your organisation / group. And it really does not matter if your role should be the one of hosting or facilitating, or simply spreading the word and connecting the dots, by putting the right people, the right task and the right method together.

  • You have been working with OST for quite some time now, but still feel on shaky legs and would really appreciate some time and space with fellow OST newbie-geeks to wrap your head around it. For real this time.

  • You have heard of the method many times and participated yourself once or twice and are thinking of starting working with it and offering it to groups you have access to and of whom you know might benefit from it.

  • You have read of the method and run it yourself already, but you never had the relaxed joy of participating and reflecting on how the method feels like and what it does "from the inside".

  • Participatory Economy

    This is a non-profit training, meaning neither the trainers nor the organisers will be payed for their work. We do it this way for various reasons. Probably if you asked each of us, you'd get a different answer. You might hear that:

  • Open Space is anyway open source and we like this spirit

  • Sharing knowledge created by community of practitioners should be done this way

  • Somebody some time ago was generous to us, now we simply pass it on...

  • We like to reflect in the finances the current development in the world, this is why we constructed financing schemes including a few factors. For details on fees and participatory economy Click here

    About us

    Karolina Iwa:

    is a large group facilitator, creating space for dialogue of up to 500 participants and intercultural trainer since 2003. She is also a co-founder of Progressive Partners. To her clients belong among others: Bombardier, SABMiller / Kompania Piwowarska, Wikimedia Foundation, Europa University Viadrina, Federal Ministry of the Interior (Federal Republic of Germany), Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Federal Republic of Germany). Karolina Iwa comes from Poland (Silesia), lives in Berlin, works internationally.

    Gerardo de Luzenberger:

    CPF Facilitator and trainer, professor at University of Trento, expert in participatory planning, social innovation, consensus building, meetings design and management, change facilitation. Works in Italian and English. Owner of Genius Loci (, a company specialised in participatory planning and change facilitation. Founder of SSF-Scuola di Facilitazione ( for training facilitators. Has worked in Italy, Poland, China, Spain, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Malta, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Turkey, Belgium, France.

    Andrea Moretti:

    Visual facilitator, traniner and consultant from Italy. Andrea has a long company experience having worked for many years as a manager for Clementoni Group, one of the major European educational toys producers. Today he works for many Italian institutions (, banks, companies and industry associations. He has a deep experience in team working, visual thinking, quantitative visualization and Open Space Technology.


    Progressive Partners is a group of international experts who specialize in designing sustainable solutions for business. We work "with" and "for" leaders and their teams to help them tackle the most difficult challenges and succeed. We design and conduct development programs, facilitation processes, attitude training, competency workshops, coaching, mentoring, integration camps, indoor and outdoor activities with a strong CSR component. To learn more about our solutions visit:

    We build our services in the belief that the skills and know-how required are already held in an informal way within organizations. We support public and private organizations in a complex and globalized world. We help them to enhance the quality of relationships, the ability to share objectives and common visions, the capacity to innovate and work together. We facilitate change integrating consultancy and training services. We have worked in Italy, China, Poland, Germany, Holland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain.


    The SOST training is planned to be a BEAUTIFUL, INNOVATIVE and INSPIRING event. And to accomplish it - we start NOW! Welcome on board this marvelous journey, that from now will bring us all to a meeting on January 26th 2015, applying the basics of Open Space Technology.
    We are aiming at gathering a strong and diverse group, a group that will create a training to be remembered for long (for all the good reasons:), one you tell stories about. And we are sure that whoever will sign up will be exactly the right people we need, to make this event a great one. Now we need your support to spread the word and reach the ones who have been waiting for this chance, no matter if they know it or if - for now - only you know it :)

    We also really mean it with the accessibility. To prove it we build a financial scheme in a way that makes this training as accessible as possible. Passing the message to all the people in your networks and involving all the right people you know will make the cost of this venture more affordable for all - as the participant fee drops with participant number rising. We have a month (until November 1.) to let the price drop from early bird fee of 399 € to 249€!
    These are our two reasons to launch the 2 FEET CHALLENGE.

    Now it's your turn! Make your own video and explain why you decided to join this training, or simply to support it, and challenge the people you think should join us. No fancy lights needed, no prof-cameras, not large concepts.
    Your head, your heart, your networks and creativity will be is just what we need. No matter if people you invite in your message will be joining the training or not, or will accept the challenge or not (the LAW OF TWO FEET takes care of that).
    1. Why you will / (in case you will not participate) why you would join the training
    2. Whom you invite (you can invite three people) and how you think the persons could benefit from the training.
    3. Giving them 24h to accept the challenge and pass it on to other three people.
    Please remember to include the training webpage under your message, so people can easily find it (
    This invitation campaign does NOT MEAN that only people who get invited can join, it is simply our way of spreading the word using all our knowledge and networks to reach those who could benefit from the training greatly. Still, as we like to play - if you want a video that is made for you - give us a ding and we will make it happen!


    Are you interensted in receiving more information about the SOSTraining in Warsaw?

    Leave your e-mail here:

    Contact Person

    Name: Sylwia Myszka, Progressive Partners
    Telephone: +48 695 173 960


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